We ensure our clients and readers receive the highest-quality support and resources in this rapidly-changing world. Within this growing market, we continuously build and refine our network of industry leaders, bringing them closer to you while also highlighting the most recent and relevant information.

Music Books Plus

nwc webinars

NWC remains focused on creating new and advantageous learning opportunities for artists and industry professionals. As a result, we offer interactive and educational webinars to satisfy this strong demand. Webinars are a great way to reach out and connect with the current needs of various markets and for artists to connect with industry professionals.

cm live

CM Live brings you the same informative, insightful, and entertaining content you've come to expect from Canadian Musician on an exciting new platform. Utilizing Facebook Live, we're delivering timely and topical live sessions with a focus on engagement and interactivity with our viewers.

Canadian musician radio

Canadian Musician Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by our editorial staff. Each episode brings you timely insider information on the music industry, featuring interviews with well-known and on-the-rise recording artists, songwriters, producers, music industry experts, and more.

NWC Business Webinars

NWC continues to expand it's support in the music industry, and, in doing so have developed a variety of interactive webinars specifically directed to industry leaders, music instrument dealers and suppliers, retailers, and more. It remains our goal to reach out, engage, and connect with the market as we help keep you informed of trends, new ideas, and industry standards.